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Related article: Tad put them back into your lunchbox. I did not think much about it was so careful with food. N is back in the bucket seat and found the lever bent backward. One should think of the package hooked on the mailbox - there was something there, it was almost certain - , but soon his mind had a different idea, one that was on the brighter tones n of reality when he began to doze. The Cambers had gone to visit relatives. The relatives were some of the city, m was two, maybe three hours away by car. Kennebunk, perhaps. O Hollis. o Augusta. It was a family reunion. to start his mind a dream saw a congregation of fifty or more people in a green -sized TV commercial turf and beauty. It was a barbecue n uncut with a ray of heat Cheap Diazepam No Prescription on it. In a long trestle table, there were at least four dozen people, passing plates and dishes of corn cob with homemade beans - peas, beans, soldierBeans, red kidney beans. There were plates grilled sausages (Donna stomach made ​​a noise low goinging in this view). a The table cloth was a warm setting. All this was under the chairmanship of n is a beautiful older woman with pure white hair, which was shot at a node is neck. Fully inserted into the capsule of your dreams now saw Donna with absolutely no surprise that this woman was his mother. The Cambers were there, but in reality were not sagging at all. Joe Camber aspect Vic Sears work in a clean suit, and women wore Camber Donna watered green silk dress. Your child saw Tad was a aspect when I was in fifth grade... " Mommy? " The image wavered, began to dissolve. He tried to hold on to them, since n was quiet and beautiful: the archetype of a family that never had the type ever n she and Vic with one of their sons planned and that carefully programmed life. withSuddenly, he lifted the sadness, I asked him why he never heard of things in that light before thinking. " Mommy? " The image wavered again and began to darken. This voice from the outside, the penetrating vision, like a needle to pierce the shell of an egg. ever mind. The Houses for family reunions and later would build ten, happy and full of crickets. Everything would be fine. Joe with Vic Camber 's face would take care of everything. Everything would be the rights of another. There were some things that God never allows. would be "Mommy! " You went out of the mean for sleeping, sitting, surprised to find himself behind the Wheel Pinto rather than at home in bed... but only for a second. been the beautiful image, surreal, the family gathered around the picnic under table began to crumble, and in 15 minutes, I do not even remember n I dreamed I had. "Huh, what? " Suddenly, surprisingly, the phone in thCambers s house began to ring. The dog to his feet, moving shadows, which decided in his great plump and shape. " Mom, I have to go to the bathroom. " Cujo began to roar at the sound of the phone. No barking, roared. Suddenly, up to the house. He closed the back door strong enough to shake in its frame. No, he thought sickly. oh no, stop, please stop ' s Mom, I have to -'. The dog growled, bit into the wood of the door Cheap Diazepam No Prescription you could hear the sick fragmentation sound of his teeth 'Go pee. " The phone rang six times. Eight times. Ten. Then he stopped. They realized they had been holding her Cheap Diazepam No Prescription breath. She left him with clenched teeth in a low whisper, hot.

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